Personal Protection


Whether you are protecting yourself or your family, having the right forms of personal life insurance is vital. There are four types of personal insurance to ensure every need is covered;

– Life Insurance : Pays a lump sum in the event of the life insured’s death

– TPD : Pays a lump sum upon the total and permanent disablement of the life insured

– Trauma : Pays a lump sum in the event that the life insured suffers a specified major illness (such as heart attack, stroke, cancer)

– Income Protection : Pays a monthly benefit if the life insured cannot work due to illness or injury

These types of insurances can be used to pay out debts and provide an income for your family. In the event of your death, insurance provides your family with an income to cover the family mortgage and other living expenses. If you are ill, injured or suffer a medical catastrophe, a lump sum payout will enable you to cover the medial costs and rehabilitation. But which cover and how much is right for you? Obtaining the right advice is just as important as the cover itself. A specialist risk advisor will help with this by analysing your personal circumstances.

At Future Insurance, we will

– explain what types of insurance are available to you

– complete a fact find to understand your personal financial position

– conduct a needs analysis to identify your protection priorities

– recommend the ideal levels of cover for you, or

– recommend levels of cover taking into account your budget

Our service doesn’t end there!

-we will then complete all application forms with you

– track your application from submission to completion

– review your cover to ensure it matches your changing circumstances so that it still represents the best value for you

most importantly, we provide as much assistance as you require in the event of a claim